Newborn Care SPECIALIST is the right choice for you, if you have a healthy newborn and you desire someone to care for your infant during the first 3-6 months of your baby’s life. They mostly work nights to help your newborn create a sleep cycle. All our Newborn Care Specialists are NCSA grads. 

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Founded by Carol Jones, of the North Texas area, at
The Swaddling Stork, we match the perfect newborn care specialist, baby nurse, doula, or nanny to your family.  All of our 'Swaddlers' are CPR and First Aid certified, have gone through a national background and driving record check as well as drug testing, and are up to date on all Tb, HIV, and Hepititis vaccinations.  Reference checks are also required of each of our Swaddlers.  Go to SERVICES to find the best fit for your family.
                                                                                                                                                    ​Our Vision

Children are one of the greatest gifts and the most important responsibilities given to us.  They are gems of inestimable value.  The decision you make of whom you entrust with the proper care and guidance of your newborns can affect their whole lives as well as yours.  Would you place a precious gem in the care of anyone less qualified than a skilled jeweler?  Can you leave your baby with someone who is watching infants because they are unskilled, or is preoccupied with other tasks?  The care specialist in your home is one of the most important and weighty decisions that you will make.

As an experienced and trained newborn care specialist, I believe that the care and the interest of the babies are uppermost at all times. First of all, infants must feel safe and loved in order to grow and develop normally; hey need a nurturing environment.  Love provides security to a baby.  Infants receive input mainly through their kinesthetic and gustatory senses.  Therefore, a baby needs a reliable and consistent person who is “touchy-feely” in expressing love.  An expression of warmth and positive regard becomes more diverse as the infant grows older, but is essential to the infant’s health and well being at any age.  Keeping newborns safe while they explore their world requires good decision making skills on the part of the care specialist.  All too often making good decisions comes only from finding someone with proper training and experience with babies and maturity.

A DOULA is the right choice if you need help during your pregnancy.  The Doula takes care of the mother, not baby.

A Pediatric Baby NURSE is the right choice for you, if you have a newborn with special health challenges. The baby nurse is a registered nurse who comes to your home to care for your baby. Their duration depends on the severity of the health condition.  ​​

With more than 20 years of experience, we’ve designed it all – and we can prove it!

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A NANNY is the right choice for you, if you need someone to take care of your child/children. Visit <> for more details and to find a perfect nanny.